Terms And Condition

Users who have purchased and used our services must comply with the following conditions

Please read the following notice before using our website and cloud services. Use of the service and its features means that you have accepted the terms and conditions that apply. Breaking or ignoring any of the following terms and conditions will have an effect on sanctioning up to canceling the account with or without notice.



You agree to bear and do not endanger Pratama Digital from various claims caused by the use of our services. Pratama Digital is not responsible for files, data, content from websites of Pratama Digital service users. All services provided by Pratama Digital can only be used for legitimate purposes (not against the law). Use of our services to violate copyright or trademarks is prohibited. This also includes the distribution of unauthorized copies of music, books, photos, or other copyrighted works. Offering or selling counterfeit products or merchandise from trademark holders will have an effect on canceling your account. All accounts found violating the copyright of others will be suspended as soon as possible. And all accounts found repeatedly infringing copyright by ignoring existing warnings will be removed from our services.
We reserve the right to refuse to provide our services to anyone. All material, which we consider, pornographic, threatening, illegal or violating the terms of use of our services can be removed from our servers with or without notice.

PROHIBITED users load and publish content containing:

  • Pornography, racial intolerance (SARA), humiliation and general immorality
  • Things that can cause disputes, unrest and terror
  • Copyright material without the permission of the owner
  • Material that can be used for things that disturb all parties
  • Ponzy, pyramid scheme and other forms of fraud
  • Other materials that are not in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Phishing, auto like, auto bots and the like.


Use of Hosting Services

PROHIBITED users use our services to:

  • Send bulk email and / or SPAM (more details will be explained in other articles)
  • Install IRC, PsyBNC bots, and processes related to IRC
  • Install proxy web scripts, mail proxies, and other types of proxies
  • Doing DDOS, port scanning, sniffing, exploit systems, and other hacking actionsTorrent website,
  • rapidlech or other peer to peer application
  • File sharing or for storing data or files that contain copyright
  • Save backup files from other services or make excessive backups.
  • Streaming Website by uploading video content and the like for streaming purposes – Allowed to embed videos using services such as youtube and the like

If you need data storage services, please use a hosting storage service. or use a VPS / dedicated server. do not use shared hosting services.


Use of Resources

You agree not to use hosting resources in the form of CPU, RAM and Disk Space in excess, causing high server load and disrupting service to other users. Pratama Digital provides hosting services for all websites with normal needs such as on general websites. Pratama Digital does not allow the use of websites or applications that continuously overload the server.
Pratama Digital gives a limit on disk space and bandwidth (data transfer) on each package. We require all our clients to use our services for personal or business websites with normal activities. Personal and business websites with normal activities will generally not cause server overload. Websites with abnormal activities will cause the use of large server resources and impact other clients on the same server. Generally, clients who overload our servers if they use their accounts to save files or file sharing and try scripts to query servers that are burdensome and that is not permitted in our service.
Pratama Digital is a web hosting company and all files uploaded on Pratama Digital are for website creation purposes. Store files or data containing copyright, pornography, file sharing, and breaking the law will result in the file or data being deleted without notice until account deletion.


Free SSL facility

Pratama Digital provides free SSL facilities for all account for free of charge or without additional fee. This free SSL is supported by LetsEncrypt and automatically installed on your domain. If you have SSL yourself and want to replace our free SSL, you just do it via the control panel.
SSL allows users to access certain pages by using SSL so that the exchange of information on the website becomes safer. Users generally use SSL for several reasons such as developing payment systems or accessing login pages using SSL.


Payment and Delay

You agree to provide correct payment information in order to order our products or services. Your order will be processed once the payment confirmation is made (maximum 24 hours on working days).
All account bills will be issued based on the first date the account is activated. If you don’t pay the bill for up to 7 days from the expiration date, your service will be suspended. If you still don’t make a bill payment up to 21 days of suspension (35 days after the expiration date), your service will be deleted.
All service that have been suspended (whether due to abuse or not making payments) for more than 21 days will be permanently deleted.


General requirements

You and everyone who has access to your account must evaluate and bear the risks associated with the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of your website content. We reserve the right to delete content that we think is pornographic, threatening, illegal, violates the terms of use of our services or the applicable laws and regulations with or without notice.
If in doubt related to the acceptance of your website or service, please contact us at admin@pratamahosting.cloud for further information and consultation.
There is no tolerance for spamming activities. We do not tolerate sending unsolicited emails, bulk e-mails and spam. “Safe listing”, purchased lists, and selling will be treated as spam. All user accounts that are spamming will be suspended with or without notice.
Backup and Data Loss
You use this service at your own risk. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged files that may occur (including, for example, from system crashes, security breaches, or hard disk and system failures). You agree to backup your files and data independently through the backup menu that we provide and will be stored on our server.
By registering at Pratama Digital , your email will automatically be added to our mailing list. We reserve the right to send one promotional email every 6 months. You can stop subscribing to our promotional e-mails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of our e-mail.



You agree that you must defend, protect, save and not endanger Pratama Digital from any and all claims, obligations, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorneys’ fees that attack / oppose Pratama Digital , agents, customers, officers and employees, which may be due to services provided or done or all products sold by customers, agents, employees or given assignments. You agree to defend, indemnify and not endanger Pratama Digital against obligations arising from; (1) Any injury to a person or property caused by a product sold or distributed related to Pratama Digital ; (2) All or any material provided by a customer that violates or is suspected of infringing the ownership rights of a third party; (3) copyright infringement and (4) all defective products sold to customers from Pratama Digital server.


Pratama Digital is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your business. Pratama Digital does not provide any guarantee, whether express or implied in the services we provide. This includes loss of data caused by delays, non-delivery, incorrect shipments and any and all service interruptions caused by Pratama Digital and its employees.


Openness in Law Enforcement

Pratama Digital can disclose user information to law enforcement agencies or other authorized parties if required by applicable laws and regulations without further approval or notification to users. We work with law enforcement where necessary and to the extent required by law.

Changes in Terms of Use of Services

Pratama Digital has the right to change its policy at any time without notice.

Pratama Digital and users agree to settle disputes in consultation to reach consensus. If the dispute cannot be resolved by deliberation, it will be resolved in accordance with the applicable law in Indonesia.