MikroTik is commonly used as a tool for managing bandwidth for clients. Even though it has been allocated according to preferences, the stability of online gaming can sometimes be unreliable. One way to minimize lag during gaming is by using a list of online game ports for the MikroTik firewall to segregate traffic.

For instance, in residential customers where the speed is typically a shared system, such as in PPPoE, Static IP, or Hotspot Shared Bandwidth, this type of customer often complains about lag when playing games, especially when other household devices are streaming videos or using YouTube.

Therefore, with the availability of online mobile game ports, MikroTik can perform specific and special bandwidth management for game traffic. The aim is to ensure that the game connection is not disrupted by other connections.

UPDATE September 26, 2023.

Mobile Legends (ML)

tcp: 5000-5221,5224-5227,5229-5241,5243-5287,5289-5352,5354-5509,5517,5520-5529 tcp: 5551-5569,5601-5700,8443,9000-9010,9443,10003,30000-30900

udp: 2702,3702,4001-4009,5000-5221,5224-5241,5243-5287,5289-5352,5354-5509

udp: 5507,5517-5529,5551-5569,5601-5700,8001,8130

udp: 8443,9000-9010,9120,9992,10003,30000-30900


Free Fire (FF)

tcp: 6006,6008,6674,7000-7999,8001-8012,9006,9137,10000-10015,11000-11019

tcp: 12006,12008,13006,15006,20561,39003,39006,39698,39779,39800

udp: 6006,6008,6674,7000-7999,8008,8001-8012,8130,8443,9008,9120

udp: 10000-10015,10100,11000-11019,12008,13008


PUBG Mobile

tcp: 7889,10012,13004,14000,17000,17500,18081,20000-20002,20371

udp: 8011,9030,10491,10612,12235,13004,13748,17000,17500,20000-20002

udp: 7086-7995,10039,10096,11455,12070-12460,13894,13972,41182-41192


Call of Duty (COD Mobile)

tcp: 3013,10000-10019,18082,50000,65010,65050

udp: 7085-7995,8700,9030,10010-10019,17000-20100

Arena of Valor (AOV)

tcp: 10001-10094

udp: 10101-10201,10080-10110,17000-18000


Stumble Guys

tcp: – (or can be filled with UDP)

udp: 5055-5058 (or can be filled in manually: 5055,5056,5057,5058)


Genshin Impact

tcp: 42472

udp: 42472,22101-22102


Clash of Clans (COC) and Clash Royale

tcp: 9330-9340 udp: 9330-9340


League of Legends (LOL) Mobile

tcp: 2080-2099

udp: 5100



tcp: 9100-9200,8230-8250,8110-8120,27000-28998

udp: 27000-28998,39000



tcp: 7770-7790

udp: 16300-16350


Point Blank Mobile (PB-Mobile)

tcp: 44590-44610

udp: 40000-40010


LINE Let’s Get Rich

tcp: 10500-10515

udp: –


Dream League Soccer

tcp: – udp: 60970-60980


Among Us

tcp: 27015-27030,27036-27037

udp: 4380,27000-27031,27036


For now, we only has the above list of online game ports. For those of you who have TCP and UDP ports for other games, please share them in the comments section.

If there are any updates to the ports, the admin will try to update them here.

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