To set up OpenVPN on Ubuntu with an auto-installer script, you can use the OpenVPN road warrior installer. This script automates the installation and configuration process. Here are the steps to install OpenVPN using the road warrior installer:

Connect to your Ubuntu server: Use SSH to connect to your Ubuntu server where you want to install OpenVPN.

Download and run the installer: Run the following commands in your terminal to download and execute the OpenVPN road warrior installer script:


wget -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

This script will guide you through the installation process, prompting you for information such as the IP address and DNS server. You can either choose the default values or customize them according to your needs.

Generate client configuration: After the installation is complete, the script will generate a client configuration file. You can either download it directly or use the provided QR code for easy mobile device setup.

Manage users: To add or remove users later, you can run the script again and select the appropriate option.

That’s it! You should now have OpenVPN installed and configured on your Ubuntu server. Remember to secure your server and OpenVPN configuration, and regularly update your system and OpenVPN installation.

Note: Make sure your Ubuntu server is up-to-date before running the installer:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Additionally, always review scripts from the internet before executing them to ensure they don’t contain malicious code. The OpenVPN road warrior installer is a widely used and trusted script, but it’s good practice to verify its content.

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